New service concept


Modern domestic aircraft in their aircraft performance characteristics meet the world standards, but the existing system of aircraft after-sale service leaves much to be desired. Today, when aircraft operators experience problems caused by insufficient supply of spare parts and geographical remoteness of aircraft manufacturers, they have to promote an integrated approach to the maintenance of on-board equipment and organization of material and technical support (MTS).

The new service concept is a package of services based on a “one window” principle

  • Lease of products and components from Spares Pool.
  • Providing current repair and overhaul of products and components for aircraft and avionics of wide range.
  • Delivery of wide range of products and components of the I and II category at the request of air operators.
  • EXCHANGE of serviceable products and components from Poole to faulty parts (requiring repair or maintenance);
  • Door-to-door delivery of aircraft units and components to be repaired or leased.

Complex of material and technical servicies:

  • Provision of material and technical services "turnkey" with the organization of initial and current logistics and exploited spare parts turnover.
  • Provision of material and technical services for the maintenance of the aircraft serviceability of the state customers (in accordance with the federal law №44 and №223).
  • Formation of the target back-exchange stock of the spare parts at the airport where the aircraft based («HBS under the wing").

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The cost of logistical support services is lower than the cost of each service separately





10% reduction in MLS costs

Dozens of MLS managers, and logistic department, a dispatch service, a transportation department… To start the operation of new generation aircrafts an airline has to set up additional procurement units to organize an adequate turnaround of aircraft components and maintain contractual relations with up to a hundred of repair contractors scattered all over the country.

20% reduction in the aircraft downtime caused by spares delivery delays

The package of services offered by the Operator enables airlines to meet their needs for replacement aircraft parts and components through immediate deliveries from the Aircraft Spares Pool within a period of 4 to 72 hours. Timely delivery of parts and component helps airlines eliminate the aircraft downtime caused by delivery delays and reduce the time required for the performance of regular maintenance.

30% savings for the costs of maintenance of  back-exchange skocks

Once the airline gets access to the Aircraft Spares Pool, it receives an opportunity to form and maintain its own back-exchange stock of replacement parts and components. With the optimal back-exchange stock volume of $3 million per aircraft, the Company can save up to 30% of this amount. Paying for short-term lease of aviation materials is more economical than maintaining an in-house stock.


Visit the page with the full list of provided services to gain a detailed information.