International aviation and space salon which was held in the city of Zhukovky from 16 to 21 of August this year provided a comprehensive insight into the priorities and achievements of the enterprises of Russia’s air-space complex.  It was the only place where it was possible to see prototype preproduction models of aircrafts and integrated combat systems, experimental units, which for a number of reasons cannot be demonstrated abroad.   842 companies from 40 countries participated in the salon. 241 aircrafts were presented, as well as 91 airplanes and helicopters took part in the flying program.   

The international aviation and space salon MAKS-2011 provided a unique opportunity for specialists and businessmen to make contacts at different levels, to promote further development of production cooperation and search for new business partners. 25 scientific-technological and research-to-practice conferences, workshops and round tables including those with international participants, more than 20 press conferences and media briefings, including broad-scale presentations of projects and programs in the field of aircraft industry were held within the framework of the business program alone.This year’s MAKS-2011 was the most successful in history: this exhibition beat all records in terms of the number of executed contracts surpassing the results of the year 2009 by 10 billion dollars. At the same time, all the consummated transactions were “civil”; no military contracts were signed.    

The fifth generation jet fighter T-50, which had been shown to public for the first time, was the highlight of the exhibition. The audience rose in applause after each flight, however, during the final flights T-50 terminated its take off from the flight strip in Zhukovky subject to problems with the automatic system of one of the jets.
Other highlights of the air-salon included the flights of aerobatic teams, the demonstration of the giant aircraft A-380 of the European concern Airbus and the Dreamliner by the American corporation Boeing, the pre-production prototype of a new manned space craft which could replace Soyuz in the future, as well as result in contracts running into billions for the United Aircraft Corporation and the agreement on implementation of polymer composite materials.   
The management of the Group of Companies “Aviasystems” attended the conference dedicated to development of a light transport aircraft based on An-140-100 organized by Open Joint-Stock Company “Aviacor, aircraft manufacturing plant” jointly with the State-owned enterprise “Antonov”. At the conference the Director General of “Aviacor” Aleksey Gusev and President-General Designer of the State-owned enterprise “Antonov” Dmitry Semenovich Kiva spoke in detail about the plans to launch An-140, having specifically emphasized that the economic efficiency of this aircraft may only be discussed after turning out a series of the aircraft. Talking about the reliability of the plane, this indicator may be confirmed by the positive experience of operating An-140 by different airlines. An-140 co-manufactures “Aviacor” and SE “Antonov” are sure that subject to due support of the An-140 program by the government of both countries they will be able to get the production on track quite soon and meet the needs of air companies in the regional aircraft An-140. Simultaneously they illustrated in detail different design versions of An-140, including the passenger aircraft, assault-transport airplanes, air ambulance and etc.   

Also the Director General of “Aviacor” Aleksey Gusev told the journalists about the interesting initiative which “Aviacor” had proposed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The proposal is about “Aviacor” working on the program of scrappage of old aircrafts in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Trade similarly to the old motor vehicles scrappage program. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has not yet given the official response to this unusual proposal from “Aviacor”.

On August 17, at MAKS-2011, the Head of Certification Center of the State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation (the system of the facultative certification of Civil Aviation of the State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation) Kirpichev Igor Gennadyevich issued in the formal setting a certificate of the State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation to Director General of JSC “Aviasystems” Khoruzhik Dmitry Gennadyevich as a supplier of aviation and technical property. 

The prospective passenger line aircraft Tu-204SM, which had been built and which had successfully completed the flight development tests in Ulyanovsk, hopped to Zhukovky which is located near Moscow, where its certification tests started. This very aircraft was presented at MAKS-2011. The line aircraft is equipped with the new Russian-made engine PS-90A2, which has already been certified by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee according to aviation rules AP-33, which are harmonized to a maximum possible degree with the requirements of the European standards. The aircraft is also equipped with a new auxiliary power unit.   

Kabanov Igor Sergeevich, the General Designer of Tu-214, kindly agreed to give a detailed tour of the developmental prototype of Tu-204SM. During the tour he told about the stages of certification and plans to manufacture the initial series (presently the serial production plant in Ulyanovsk has six Tu-204SMs at different stages of the assembly line work).

During their visit to MAKS-2011 the specialists of “Aviasystems” held a series of work meetings and negotiations. The aviation and space salon enabled to see colleagues in the industry, to meet partners and simply socialize in the friendly and festive atmosphere of MAKS-2011, which is the most important event of the engineering aerospace industry over the year.

We would like to present our special thanks to the colleagues in the industry for the constructive criticism and warm words about Aviasystems’ performance. We will take your comments into account and try to improve the quality of our services related to the maintenance of the aircrafts manufactured by Tupolev, Ilyushin and Antonov construction departments.


V.M. Dubinina,

Assistant to CEO