Eighth International Conference and Exhibition “Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft Equipment in Russia and CIS”

The Eighth International Conference and Exhibition “Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft Equipment in Russia and CIS” took place in Moscow in the premises of the World Trade Center on February 20-21. It is the only event in Russia and CIS entirely dedicated to issues related to the maintenance of air transport.

The organizer of this largest event in the field of aircraft maintenance was ATO Events supported by the Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT).

Over 750 directors and experts from Russian and foreign airlines, maintenance and repair centers, suppliers of spare parts and assemblies for aircrafts, state regulatory agencies and aviation industry enterprises as well as financial and investment circles attended the conference.

The event is a traditional combination of a conference and an exhibition, which enables both visitors and exhibitors to achieve all of their objectives. The most urgent subjects are announced at the conference in the form of reports and are later discussed in a greater detail as a part of subject-oriented sessions

As compared to the last-year’s event, this year’s event presented a wider range of goods and services in the field of maintenance and repair of Russian and foreign aircrafts. The number of exhibitors exceeded 90 companies, and the organizers had to double the exhibition areas. The exhibition occupied two levels of the exhibition center.

Representatives of CJSC Aviasystems learnt about the products and services offered and had an opportunity to directly communicate with the directors and representatives of manufacturers and suppliers of components, Russian and foreign providers of aircraft maintenance and repair services, aircraft makers, suppliers of PMA components, manufacturers of aircraft engines and providers of engine maintenance and repair services. They also visited the demonstration booths of their partners, which were represented at the exhibition in abundance.

In the course of the conference, its participants discussed new trends on the maintenance and repair market in Russia and CIS, particular features of maintaining aircrafts made in Russia and abroad, and customs clearance of aircraft spare parts and components.

The reports delivered as a part of plenary sessions provided a comprehensive analysis of the maintenance and repair market in Russia and CIS. Deputy General Director of CJSC Aviasystems delivered a report entitled Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) in Maintenance and Repair Companies. The report covered the goals and objectives, implementation plan for the safety management system (SMS) and SMS control structure in compliance with international requirements of ICAO and EASA.

ICF SH&E’s Vice President Jonathan Berger informed the audience about the global development trends. Vladimir Perekrestov, Director of the Engineering Holding, shared his ideas about particular features of the approach taken by Russian carriers to ensure the charterworthiness in his report.

Deputy General Director of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation (GosNII GA) Oleg Stradomsky presented information on the current state of the aircraft fleet of Russian airlines and reported on the results of an analysis of the forecasted needs of the Russian market in regional and long-distance aircrafts up to 2030.

Such issues as present-day online solutions for the real-time monitoring of the aircraft technical condition, application of PMA components in the field of aircraft maintenance and repair as well as maintenance and repair of aircraft engines were discussed as a part of the practical sessions that were held on the first and second day of the event.

In the course of the conference, the Consulting Department of CJSC Aviasystems held negotiations and made preliminary agreements with potential customers. The principal lines for their cooperation are in the field of preparing airlines for operating foreign aircrafts including the organization of maintenance and repairs.

Participants of the conference had an opportunity to learn about the forecasts concerning the development of the Russian air transport and maintenance and repair market prepared by the leading experts from state research institutes and independent analytical companies as well as experts in the industry. The numerous reports enabled the participants to find out which factors can play a decisive role in the planning of company strategies in the field of maintenance and repair for the nearest years as well as assess the actual needs of airlines from Russia and CIS.