The Sixth International Business Aviation Forum

The Sixth International Business Aviation Forum sponsored by Gulfstream and Aviasystems Group of Companies was held by ATO Events under the auspices of the Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA) in Moscow on September 11, 2013. This is the largest annual conference in Russia and the CIS devoted to problems of developing the business aviation market, which informs general public about the trends on the market, legislative changes, their potential implementation and consequences, services rendered, products and developments. Operators and brokers operating in the field of business aviation, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, operators of business terminals and airports, and providers of services and equipment for business aviation take part in the forum.

Issues such as necessary legislative changes in the field of business aviation, development prospects for business aviation in Russia, and development of the ground infrastructure as well as aircraft maintenance and repairs, visa regulation aspects during the 2014 Winter Olympics and other issues directly related to the future of the industry in Russia were discussed as a part of the forum.

The reporters included representatives of large-scale business operators from Russia and Europe, companies such as Avinode, Airclaims and SkyTation, Russian and European business aviation associations, Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) and Russian Ministry of Transport.

Aviasystem’s Deputy General Director Sergey Potapov delivered a report entitled IS-BAO Stage 2: Particular Features of Auditing Russian Business Aviation Operators.

In his report, he described international standards in the field of operating business aircraft, audit levels and particulars, and list of consulting services rendered by the Aviasystems Group of Companies to business aviation operators.

As a part of the conference, market experts discussed the most urgent issues and forecasted the further course of business aviation development in Russia.









This information review was prepared based on ATO EVENTS’ materials.


Deputy General Director

Ye.N. Kiryushina