The Sixth Annual Rotorcraft Forum

On the 15th of November 2013, The Sixth Annual Rotorcraft Forum ended in Moscow. Forumwas organized by Helicopter Industry Association with the support of OJSC "Russian Helicopters".

The event wich was organized by Helicopter Industry Association was visited by more than 330 representatives of companies, operators, manufacturers and developers of equipment and machinery ministries, departments and specialized research institutes.The main theme was the improvement of the legislation which regulates the activities of operators, designers and manufacturers  rotorcraft equipment.

Forum lasted for two days (14-15 November). On the first day there was held a general meeting on the issues of safety, flight operations, maintenance and modernization of the helicopter fleet, legal and economic, and the discussion of work of the Association over the past year. On the forum attention was paid to the following aspects:

 Flight safety

• Work on development of the International Helicopter Safety Team in the Commonwealth of Independent States (IHST-CIS);

• Development of Control Systems of flight safety for helicopter airlines, manufacturers, components, aviation services customers;

• analysis of using results of the GPWS System, System of automatic dependent surveillance - broadcasting; improvement and optimization of the legal framework of installation of that Systems on the helicopters, using of that Systems during operation of helicopters, formation of ground database.

Flight activities

• Regulation of crews working hours;

• Improvement and development of FAP-128 in the aspect of use in helicopter aviation.

Technical operation and modernization of the helicopter fleet

• Development of small and medium aircraft business  in production and development of medium and heavy helicopters, and in the production of component parts, ground equipment, tools by optimizing of the system of certification and licensing;

• Questions of the heavy helicopters operating  (MI-26, MI-8, KA-32);

• Certification of additional helicopters equipment. Preservation and further development of the helicopters Mi-8T;

• Execution of the operational maintenance of helicopters by the flight crew;

• Questions of the organization of the fuel supply.

Economy of the helicopter business

• Perfecting of of taxation;

• Optimization of customs duties;

• Questions of transportation of passengers by helicopters;

• Ministry of Transport decree № 241 of 17 July 2012 "About air navigation and airport charges, fees for the maintenance of aircraft at airports and airspace of the Russian Federation ".

General legal helicopter business problems

• The new concept of FAP-11 "Commercial airlifts ";

• Improvement of FAP-249 "Requirements to the conducting of mandatory certification of individuals and entities performing aerial work. The certification procedure ". Problems of registration passenger transportation by helicopter - especially at performing search and rescue operations, medical evacuation;

• Generalization, consolidation and definition of ways to solve legislative problems development of the helicopter industry.

 As seen from the thesis plan a topic  of Flight Safety was traditionally presented at the forum. One of the main topics was the work IHST-CIS in the implementation of Safety Management System in the helicopter companies of the country. There were analyzed the results of using  GPWS and ADS-B systems. Also there was touched the theme of regulation of crews working  time , the improvement and development of FAP-128.

One of the constant themes of the forum "Technical operation and helicopter fleet modernization" was raised again in connection with the participation of small businesses in the development of equipment and accessories, certification of additional equipment and the further development of helicopters Mi-8T - the main hopes of the Russian operators. The agenda was complemented by economic and legal units.

Forum was opened by Chairman of the Board of the Helicopter Industry Association - Michael Kazatchkov who announced the main theme of the event - the improvement of aviation legislation. He stressed that the industry faces the challenge of defining ways of solving  existing normative regulation problems of the helicopter industry in the interests of the development of the helicopter industry as a growing sector of the economy.

In the opening part of The Sixth Annual Rotorcraft Forum The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation - Yury Slyusarev addressed the participants, and welcomed the participants on behalf of the ministry, said: "Harmonization and optimization of national legislation - two of the most important tasks which now faced the industry. These aspects are registered separately in a government program "The development of the aviation industry up to the 2025 ". And we are grateful to The Helicopter Industry Association  and industry community members for their efforts in this direction.

The elite and experts of the industry gathered in this hall, and we can expect that the solutions that will be developed by the results of the forum will be an answer to the question - what we should change in the legislation"

The general session on the issues of flight safety ensuring, flight operations, maintenance and upgrading of the helicopter fleet, legal and economic issues, was passed on the first day of the forum. During the second day of the Forum, participants continued their work in the specialized committees of the Helicopter Industry Association.

According to the results of previous committee was formed the resolution (on Russian) which describes in detail the basic directions for further work of the Helicopter Industry Association, especially the Helicopter Industry Association activity in 2014 will focus on:

• Establishing of longer productive collaboration with the Department of State Policy in Civil Aviation of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation,

• Implementation of specific proposals on improving the technical operation of the helicopters, together with developers the helicopters operators, the leadership of Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Transportation, Federal Air Transport Agency and OJSC ""Russian Helicopters"

• Work on the development number of helicopter pads as a component of the transport network of the Russian Federation, improving air legislation regarding the implementation of flights over the megacities.

• Work on improvement of the economy of the helicopter industry enterprises.

• The implementation of a number of proposals in the area of increasing of Flight Safety.

In the final part of the resolution recommended that all of the above items and directions must be included in the plan of the Helicopter Industry Association for practical implementation.



СEO's Assistant 

Ye.N. Kiryushina