8th International exhibition of helicopter industry HeliRussia-2015

On May 21-23 in the exhibition center «Crocus Expo» was held the 8th International exhibition of helicopter industryHeliRussia-2015 in which traditionally participated the company «Aviasystems». In this year, the exhibition has exceeded the scales of the preceding years both regarding the amount of participants and regarding the amount of first appearances and novelties, by right having confirmed the title of the largest special helicopter exhibition in Europe and the second largest in the world.

According to tradition, the exhibition site of HeliRussia-2015 became the place to discuss the actual problems within the industry and across the adjacent industries. More than 11,000 people have visited the exhibition during the whole time of it and in the business program have participated more than 900 representatives of more than 130 companies. Totally, in the framework of the exhibition 46 different conferences, round tables, master classes, and presentations were held.

One of the most expected events was the Round table «Optimization of the aviation and technical property supplies» arranged by the working group «Suppliers of the aviation and technical property», Technical committee HIA the member of which is also «Aviasystems». So many participants of the exhibition wished to take part in the Round table that the room was too small for them. This fact is no doubt a key feature of the importance of the topic for operators of the helicopter vehicles. One of the first spokesmen at the Round table was the manager of the helicopter division of CJSC "Aviasystems" - А.V. Kayumov, who reported on the actual topic of arrangement of the logistics provision and support of airworthiness of the helicopter fleet in conditions of difficult economical situation in the country and general decrease of aviation work in the world.

The basis for the report was a presentation of the innovational – in the helicopter sector – logistics system – spare part Pool for helicopters Mi-8МТВ/АМТ, Mi-171/172, which visually demonstrates not only a possibility to save on spare parts but the possibility to gain additional income as a member of the Pool. As proof of the application effectiveness of the pool schemes on the Russian market, to the attention of participants were presented the spare part Pools for aircraft Tu-204/214, Il-96, An-140, An-148, Mi-8МТВ/АМТ, Mi-171/172, which pools were established by «Aviasystems» and are successfully functioning. In addition, the participants of the events have received the exhaustive answers to many questions: How does the Pool system work? How to become its member? How to get the possibility of fast access to spare parts available in the Pool?


Alongside with participation in the round table CJSC "Aviasystems" – single Russian Operator of the spare part Pools – in scope of the business program of exhibition has arranged and held the II-nd Meeting of members of the spare part Pool for helicopters Mi-8МТВ/АМТ, Mi-171/172. Its purpose of which was a discussion on a number of current issues related to the Pool functioning by the current members of the Pool. In particular, the participants of the meeting have discussed special features of lease of the limited resource products and prospective tasks to expand the nomenclature of the existing Pool as well as rules of acceptance of the new members in the Pool.

After the end of the event, all participants received the souvenirs in the form of the thematically painted Matryoshkas with logotypes of the companies, which actually were the founders of the helicopter Pool system in Russia. The slogan on the largest Matryoshka was written in this regard: «To pioneers! To trailblazers! To innovators! »

Traditionally, on the final day of the exhibition the winners and laureates of the Prize of the Helicopter Industry Association were awarded. They are the young specialists who do everything to increase the flight safety and implement the innovation technologies, which enable the branch to successfully develop and make the larger contribution into economics and defensive power of the country.

Drawing the results of HeliRussia-2015, it is worth of highlighting that namely the search for possibilities and implementation of innovations must unite the partners in our difficult time and the crisis is not the «end of the world» but just one of reasons for a new coil in the industry development.

Assistant of General Director

Т.I. Andrianova