51st Paris Airshow Le Bourget - 2015

With a certain record on June 21 has completed its work the International Paris Airshow in which the employees of CJSC "Aviasystems" took part. The promoters of the exhibition told the press that during the air show more than 350 thousand people visited it. The result has exceeded the index of the preceding event almost by 5%. In this year, more than two thousand companies from 50 countries of the world took part in the air show, and the total amount of the presented vehicles was more than 130 units. Nevertheless, in this year the air show was able neither to exceed the former records of value of the concluded transactions, nor its own performance in 2013 (USD 134 billion), nor the result of the British exhibition in Farnborough (USD 115 billion).

In this year, the largest index have reached two leading giants in the world's aviation construction rating: American corporation The Boeing Company and the European Airbus Group. The total amount of the so-called «fixed» contracts signed by them in Le Bourget has exceeded USD 100 billion although the companies have not presented any sensational novelties. The only country which has demonstrated an absolutely new aircraft which has never been presented on any exhibition was Ukraine. The company «Antonov» with which the representatives of CJSC "Aviasystems" have conducted negotiations regarding a number of questions has demonstrated in Le Bourget the short-range An-178 which has at once attracted the attention of the potential buyers: Azerbaijan has made an order in amount of ten aircraft, China - two. In addition, an agreement was reached about the joint production of aircraft in China. The transaction conditions with the third buyer are not disclosed yet. It is also known that the interest towards the new aircraft has shown Saudi Arabia and Germany.


Not least essential and fruitful was the meeting of CJSC "Aviasystems" with other representative of the Ukrainian industry – enterprise "Motor Sich", which is one of the largest enterprises in the world which produces the aviation engines for aircraft and helicopters as well as the industrial gas turbine equipment. During the meeting, the issues were discussed regarding participation of that manufacturer in the program of formation of the spare parts Pool for helicopters of the type Mi-8 МТВ/АМТ and Mi-171/172, to be implemented by CJSC "Aviasystems". In addition, negotiations with representatives of the Ukrainian Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise and Czech aircraft manufacturer "Aircraft Industries" were held. 

Representatives of our company have also visited the «Russian hour» which is annually held from 2008 and is the leading profile event covering a wide range of issues related to manufacture and operation of the domestic aviation vehicles both in Russia and abroad. During the latest years, the «Russian hour» has shown itself as one of the leading foreign sites for the international colleagues to be acquainted with the actual tendencies of the Russian helicopter industry, entry of the domestic aviation vehicles and services in the foreign markets as well as establishment of the international cooperation mainly in the helicopter industry. In this year, the «Russian hour» for the first time was held in scope of the general aviation event (formerly, the conference was held, as a rule, in the framework of the helicopter exhibitions HeliExpo). The aviation show in Bourget is arranged biannually, repeatedly demonstrating the latest developments of the aviation vehicles and innovations in the industry. 

In this year, our representatives have highlighted the interesting and fruitful meetings on the exhibition exposition both with foreign colleagues new for the company and with partners proven by many years. It is also impossible not to mention the most fascinating flight program, which visually demonstrated the novelties of the state-of-the-art aviation «in operation». By drawing the results of visitation of the French air show it is worth to say that this is a truly excellent show and one of the most comfortable and large-scale sites for meetings of specialists in the aviation industry. See you on International Paris Air Show -2017!