CJSC "Aviasystems" participated in the work of the VIII-th Helicopter Forum

On November 27, 2015 has finished its work the annual Helicopter forum which is one of the key events of the helicopter industry in Russia. The forum lasted for two days, from November 26 till 27. Its main topic in this year was «Changes in the air legislation: new requirements and possibilities».

On the first day of the Forum such topics were considered as the flight safety of general purpose aviation, changes in the air legislation as well as aircraft leasing regarding helicopters. Discussions of the second day of the Forum were dedicated to provision of operation of helicopters, in particular, the situation was analyzed around purchases in the helicopter industry related to changes in the Federal law No.275-FZ «On the state defense order».

On the second day, in the framework of the Forum the meeting of members of the spare part Pool for helicopter Mi-8МТВ/АМТ, Mi-171/172 was held which already became traditional. In the course of the meeting the participants jointly with the Pool operator (CJSC "Aviasystems") have drawn the preliminary conclusions of the Pool work in 2014-2015 and have set the tasks and goals the implementation of which are planned for the new 2016. In addition, the voting was held to accept the new Pool member, in the result of which a new member was accepted – owner of the aircraft Mi-8МТВ ООО «RN-Aerocraft». The interest to participate in the Pool was expressed by a number of other large operators of helicopters Mi-8МТВ/АМТ which only confirms the need of the helicopter air companies in new systems of the post sale maintenance (PSM) of the aviation vehicles which would allow the operators to optimize their expenses on support of the air worthiness of their aircraft fleet. By the way, the topic of search of the new approaches to PSM was quite actual for the Forum. Alongside with the meeting, held by CJSC "Aviasystems", the reports of representatives of ОJSC NPK «PANH» and «ASKAR» were dedicated to this topic, in which reports they set out their vision of topic of optimization and reduction of expenses in the current economical situation.


As the whole, within two days of intense work the Helicopter forum has once again proven its importance for the domestic helicopter industry. Only the forum gives possibilities to discussion of such large amount of the actual topics, and the joint approach of participants to problems arising before the companies in this industry may contribute to their soonest solution which will inevitably provide the stable growth and development in the industry.