On February 25-26, in Moscow took place the 11th International conference and exhibition "Maintenance and repair of aviation vehicles in Russia and CIS 2016"

On February 25-26, in Moscow took place the 11th International conference and exhibition"Maintenance and repair of aviation vehicles in Russia and CIS 2016". In the conference, participated the representatives of the Russian and foreign air companies, maintenance and repair enterprises, aviation industry enterprises, spare parts suppliers as well as bodies of governmental regulation, insurance and leasing companies. The program of the conference traditionally reflected the latest development tendencies in the air transportation industry which undergoes significant changes at the present time. Amongst the new trends of 2014–2015 is the fleet restructuring in the Russian air companies, influence of sanctions and economical vagueness on the air transportation demand which forces the operators of the aviation vehicles to optimize not only their fleet but also the existing system of the post-sale service of the aircraft.

In the scope of that topic, one of the panel discussions of the conference «Spare part pools. Hard way in Russia» was held the moderator of which was the General Director of CJSC "Aviasystems" Mr. Dmitry Gennadievich Horuzhik. At the present time, CJSC "Aviasystems" is the only company within the Russian Federation which possesses the experience of creation of the spare part Pools for the domestically made aircraft and helicopters, that is why Dmitry Gennadievich had the knowledge to share with his colleagues  especially that the participants of the discussion were experienced in the part of work with pools specialists of the leading companies in the industry: PJSC «Aeroflot – Russian Airlines", OJSC «Air Company «Rossiya», PJSC «Air Company «Sibir», ООО «Air Company «WIM-AVIA», PJSC «Air Company «UTair» as well as Lufthansa Technik Vostok Services.

In the course of discussion, the participants have considered the issues of main obstacles for creation of spare part Pools for foreign-made aircraft within the Russian Federation by the residents of Russia; and hindrances with accounting execution of spare parts exchange operations «exchange» as well as discussed the ways of solution and actions taken by the market players to amend the existing situation. The discussion was vivid, intense, and informative because the participants shared not only the knowledge but also the practical experience. We are sure that the delegates of the conference not in vain many times highlighted the special value of interaction with the colleagues because it helps us all to gain the new knowledge and to take direction to development and movement forward.