The Eighth International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation GIDROAVIASALON '2010 was held from 9 to 12 September, 2010 on the shore of the Gelendzhik bay, on the premises of the test base of Beriev Taganrog Air Scientific and Technical Complex and the Airport of Gelendzhik. 144 organizations including those from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the USA, the Ukraine, were accredited to the Exhibition. The Exhibition Organizer was the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade, this year the Gidroaviasalon was supported by United Aircraft Building Company (UABC) Joint-Stock Company, Khanty-Mansiysk Bank, Joint-Stock Company and the Russian TV News Channel Russia 24.

The Gelendzhik Gidroaviasalon is the only air show with the possibility to demonstrate the aircraft in operation both on the land and the sea. The Exhibition main goal is to demonstrate water- and ship-based aviation, the prospects of its development and applications for passenger and cargo transportation, tourism, patrol, search-and-rescue sea operations, rendering aid in case of emergencies and ecological disasters.  

Simultaneously with the Exhibition, the Eighth Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation organized by the Scientific-Methodological Board headed by Mr. V.G. Dmitriev, Executive Director of TsAGI Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhoukovsky, was held. Over 130 specialists from various countries participated in the conference. Also during the Exhibition the Scientific Conference of the Gelendzhik Climatic Testing Center of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials “Innovation Technologies in Composites and their Usage with Consideration of Climatic Factors” and the session of 46th Technical Committee of the Russian Association of Operators were held. During the session the Deputy General Director Potapov Sergey (Nickolaevich ?) made a report on the topic “The Experience of Certification of Russian Organizations under MRO in accordance with the PART-145 Requirements”. Bearing in mind the tendency of increasing the share of foreign aircraft in the total fleet of the Russian air companies, the said presentation included both the 5-year experience of the operation of the consulting department of the Aviation Systems Company and the techniques of work in the area of certification of the Russian organizations under MRO. Although, the service of certification of the Russian organizations under MRO in accordance with PART-145 requirements is no longer in short supply (compared to the year of 2005), however, the constant inflow of foreign aviation machinery and the evolutionary change of the list of the participants of the aircraft servicing market ensures permanent demand for it by new customers.

GIDROAVIASALON is a combination of a great colorful aviation celebration and the official business talks, which helps to establish new business contacts, find the required partners, evaluate market opportunities, and make contracts. This is a place where the specialists, businessmen and aviation fans have an opportunity to have a better view of hydroaviation industry and promising programs by obtaining the most reliable first-hand information.  

CEO's Assistant

V. Dubinina