On July 13, 2010, a working meeting of the KhGAPP management with the delegation of JSC “Aviasystems” took place

Information: KhGAPP is the largest aviation plant in Ukraine. Until 1992 it occupied one of the leading places in the USSR’s aircraft industry.The plant manufactured passenger, transport, military airplanes and cruise missiles; presently it makes passenger, transport, military-transport ANs. The plants history is rich in many aviation achievements. During the last twenty years Kharkov aviation plant is successfully cooperating with the famous “Antonov ASTC”.In the end of 90s Kharkov aviation plant started mass production of the regional 52-seat passenger aircraft An-140.  

On July 13, 2010, a working meeting of the KhGAPP management with the delegation of JSC “Aviasystems” took place. In view of the integration of aircraft manufacturing assets of Russia and Ukraine the parties addressed a possibility of a more close cooperation in the field of maintenance support for the domestic aircraft operated in the Russian Federation and abroad.

The objective of the “Aviasystems” delegation is to demonstrate a method for creation of the Spares Pool for aircraft maintenance, to introduce its proposals regarding the system for repairs of purchased home-made components and units used with An-140 and An-74 aircrafts as well as to discuss inclusion of the rotation pools of KhGAPP into the purchased components Pool for An-140 and An-74 aircraft, which will increase efficiency and reliability of maintenance and operation performance.

 The management of KhGAPP held a comprehensive tour in territory of the plant and acquainted the delegation with the plant’s history.  The plant’s An-74 and An-104-100 production lines were demonstrated. The KhGAPP management attitude towards the future of the plant and production engineering was impressive. Apparently, the plant's compactness and limited resources make people treat their facilities more pragmatically and with more consideration. This is demonstrated both by purchasing new equipment, number of young people employed at the plant and carefully cultivated flowerbeds in the territory of the plant.  

Further joint steps were recorded in a Protocol of the working meeting. The parties noted their mutual satisfaction with the informative work and expressed their readiness to continue and extend the relations.


CEO's Assistant

V. Dubinina