On Jule 7, a working meeting of the management and specialists of JSC “Aviasystems” and “Aviacor” took place

Information:OJSC “Aviacor aviation plant” is one of largest aircraft manufacturers in Russia.The plant concentrates on building, repair, and maintenance of Tu-154M and An-140 passenger aircrafts.

As the “Pool of spare parts for An-140 aircraft” program progresses, JSC “Aviasystems” continues the works to top up the An-140 Spares Pool through attracting those participants interested in the after-sale maintenance.

On Jule 7, a working meeting of the management and specialists of JSC “Aviasystems” and “Aviacor” took place. OJSC “Aviacor” is a plant with a long standing history and is not only a site to build An-140 aircraft, but the owner of a certain quantity of spare parts, which may be included into the An-140 Pool to support operation of the aircrafts during warranty and post-warranty period.  

The managers discussed the scheme for interaction between the plant, the supplier of purchased components, and the Operator (“Aviasystems”) during the period of warranty provided by the plant. A similar scheme was tested with “VACO” and “Aviastar-SP” aircraft manufacturing plants and fixed by a set of contracts and general powers of attorney. The import of the proposal is to delegate logistic functions of the plant related to spare parts and components failing during an aircraft’s warranty period. Such delegation of the service functions to an appointed Operator will significantly expedite returning of failed components into operation that will generate positive feedback from aircraft operators and increase competitiveness of the aircraft in future.

Representatives of “Aviasystems” went around the production sites, including the Central Computing Complex. Negotiations were held by the parties to cover the following:  review of the plant’s stock of purchased components in order to include them into the An-140 Spares pool being formed by “Aviasystems” in association with “Aviacor” aviation plant as well as to assess production capacity of the plant and agree contractual documents.

The parties noted that the meeting was successful, which results have been recorded in a Protocol of the working meeting and define further steps in the mutual cooperation between the enterprises.

CEO's Assistant

V. Dubinina