About the Pools


Components (spare parts) mean the reparable components for the airplane, which are included in the avionics set (products, gears, blocks and other categorized spare parts). The Pool doesn't include engine units, airborne auxiliary powers, landing gears and their components, airframe elements. Total components volume in the pool is more than 1,0 billion rubles based on the manufacturing plants current retail price for component parts of the 1st category.

Pool includes: 

  • Spare parts and components of the Operator property;
  • Back-exchange stock of the spare parts (maintenance kits) of the Pool Participants , Russian operators of the TU-204/214, IL-96, AN-148, AN-140, Be-200ES-E models;

  • Back-exchange stock of the spare parts, which belong to the aviation industry enterprises, repair organizations and other Pool Participants.

 Main types of Pools

The idea of joining spare parts of various owners with a view to economy appeared quite a long time ago, but so called “real” or “virtual” Pools as systems of shared usage of spare parts have become its most common implementations. The system in which the pool’s participants satisfy their need for replacement parts through the formation of a centralized spares depot is called a “real” rotation pool. The system of shared use in which aircraft components belonging to different airline operators are leased by the participants from one another without being transferred to a single depot is called a “virtual” pool. In the latter case all operations involving spare parts are performed by a managing Operator.

Supplemental information: the most large Pool of spare parts includes 65% of Tu-204 aircraft units and assemblies ever produced by manufacturing plants as the Back-exchange stock of the aircraft components

The Operator consolidates information on current availability of spare parts from different pool participants in a specialized internet information portal. The Operator also processes orders for spare parts and provides 4 to 72 hours door delivery and offers clearance services with regard to payments made under components lease.   As a rule, all participants make lease payments subject to fixed uniform rates. A significant difference between the above systems is in the time required to access a component. For a “real” Pool it is limited to 24 hours. For a “virtual” variant it is 72 hours including the time to deliver a component  from Remote Pool Participant to any airport of Moscow aviation hub.

Pools of spare parts provided by the Operator realized by a mixed principle – connect of the "real" and "virtual" components. Available to operators at the conclusion of the relevant agreement.

By taking part in the Pool the airline decreases the demurrage of the aircraft by the "spare parts lack" reason as well as decreases its expenditures concerning the establishment and replenishment of its own spare parts depot.

The pool-type schemes are extremely popular in the West because of their obvious efficiency for civil aircraft operators

What are the benefits for the companies?

Having access to one or another pool type an air carrier will be able to lease components for the duration of a faulty component repair, to exchange faulty and sound components at a specified charge, and to purchase the components from the Pool at an agreed price.

There are different variants of payments for usage of the Pool, among which the simplest is based on tariffs for the lease, exchange and repair of a component, and the most complicated is based of flight hours of an aircraft that includes all possible charges for the lease, exchange and repair of components. As a rule, the second variant provides for Pool membership charges (payment for access), which include the Operator’s (provider’s) costs of software and Customer information support.

The main function of the Pool operation consists in leasing of a sound component in exchange of a faulty one on the basis of backward exchange upon completion of repairs. As the main payment option is selected the easiest option to pay "at a price." Lease payments for a component are calculated monthly based on a 0.3 % daily rate of the current retail price of a 1st category item. Payment for maintenance (renovation) of a component shall be calculated based on results of maintenance statement issued by the manufacturing plant. Monthly membership charge (access to the pool) shall be applied by the Operator only in case of specialized software deployment at the customer’s premises for online access to the Pool.

Visit the page with the full list of provided services to gain detailed information.


Any advantages for the Pool Member, owner of the spare parts?

After becoming a Pool Member an organization with the temporally free spare parts can apply a request in the Pool in order to lease, sell or exchange them. At the same time, no physical spare parts transportation to the Operator depot is included in the above mentioned request. A separate request is required. All monetary transactions concerning the declared spare parts are organized between the Member and Operator. Any owner of the spare parts can become a Pool Member upon condition that the appropriate agreements are signed. Proceed on the "Enter component in the Pool" page in order to gain a detailed information about the rules of membership.

The MRO organizations and airlines  gain access to the Spare Parts Pool, when they sign the appropriate spare parts leasing and repair agreements. All components purchasing orders from the Pool are fulfilled by phone or using the Internet. The special data portal (you can enter it in the lower right corner on the main page) allows to observe the current Pool structure, component access time as well as to receive reports about the components leasing movement.