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To exchange the component (defective into serviceable one). At the following ORDERING, state code and parameters of your component provided for exchange, for estimation of its cost. The code and parameters of components requiring repair and/or submitted for exchange) are entered into the “Additional information” window. If the operation “lease for the agreed period” was selected, the period of component lease proposed by you is entered into the window.

We remind that the Operator process only correctly drawn up ORDERS of organizations (legal entities) irrespective of availability of concluded agreements. The Operator reserves the right not to look through ORDERS received from unknown sources without indication of enough contact data.

After the ORDER processing, the Operator will send the ORDER CONFIRMATION specifying the availability of the spare part and its cost parameters to your e-mail. Besides, the Operator will send documents confirming its authenticity.

We remind that the ORDER CONFIRMATION is only the information about conditions of access to the spare part. For execution of business transaction, you should have effective lease, repair and delivery agreements concluded with the Operator.

An Operator’s order processing time is: Monday-Friday 9:00 a. m. till 5:30 p. m. the shipment of ordered components is carried out during the whole week, including weekends.

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