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Dear Member, we welcome you in an interactive area of Spares Pool which allows you to find spare part you are interested in, select the type of service (lease, repair, supply, exchange) and make an ORDER similar ordering online - shops. Find the component using step by step instruction.

Step 1: Select an interested component from the list, using alphabetical classification or search service. To select a component, click its code (name). The components looked through before are marked with an eye sign. The components placed in the basket are marked with text “Added to basket”.

Step 2: Look through the information about resource condition of the selected component and operations (services) available for it. Mark the required operation/operations and move the component in basket (TO ORDER).

Step 3: Return to the content of the Pool for new components, move them to basket. Look through content of the basket, make required corrections. Continue ordering (TO WRITE UP AN ORDER).

Step 4: Enter your contact data and fill the window “Additional information”. Parameters of defected components (requiring repair and/or submitted to exchange, if they are available) are entered into the window. Enter offered term of component lease into the window if “lease for the agreed term” operation is selected. Remember that the term of Operator’s reply depends on correctness of the data entered by you.

Step 5: send the written up ORDER to the Operator (TO SEND). An electronic message with an assigned number of the ORDER will by automatically sent to you e-mail within some seconds.

Step 6: Wait for the ORDER CONFIRMATION from the Operator*. Availability of spare part, cost parameters and conditions of transaction will be confirmed in the document. In addition, this document will contain list of documents confirming authenticity of the component. If you need more detailed explanations as for ordering follow the link “Advices as for ordering”.

* The ORDER CONFIRMATION is drawn up by the Operator within 6 business hours. This means that the ORDER sent on Friday at 5:00 p. m. will be processed by Operator till 2:30 p. m. on Monday. Operator’s operating time is: Monday - Friday 9:00 a. m. till 5:30 p. m. The shipment of the ordered components is carried out during the whole week, including weekends.

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Part number Description System Delivery time in the Moscow aviation hub, hour*
ОСТ1 00636-73 In basket Фиксатор кипятильников 0
3497 In basket Заслонка запорно-регулирующая с электроприводом 24
ТС310С04Б In basket Трансформатор 0
УДИС-К In basket Указатель давления избыточного стрелочный 24
П-119 In basket Датчик температуры 0
УКН-1 In basket Устройство кодирования номера 24
678300В-50 In basket Редуктор воздушный 24
ГА111Н In basket Замок гидравлический 24
КЭ71 In basket Распределитель гидравлический с электромагнитным управлением трехпозиционный четырехходовой 24
АОФ-3М-2-10А In basket Автомат отключения фаз модернизированный 0
МП10С6А04 In basket Электромеханизм поступательный 24
ИКДРДф-0,016-0,0025-3 In basket Измерительный комплекс реле давления 24
УВПМ1-116 In basket Устройство программно-временное микроэлектронное 24
УВПМ1-107 In basket Устройство программно-временное микроэлектронное 24
ДАД-3 In basket Датчик индуктивный дистанционный абсолютного давления 24
In basket 0 components