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"Review of MRO" - thematic bulletin of portal ATO.RU June 2017

 “Aviasystems refused to develop a pool of helicopter spare parts”

The company "Aviasystems" suspends the project for the organization of a pool of spare parts for Mi-8MTV / AMT and Mi-171/172 helicopters. Their decision at the enterprise was explained by the stagnation of the helicopter market and the "conservatism of the existing MTO system" (logistic support). Link to material: here

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“AVIASOYUZ” MAGAZINE, Is. 1, February-March 2016

“Congratulations to the jubilee”

On February 28, 2016, General Director of ZAO Aviasystems Dmitry Gennadievich Horuzhik celebrated his 50th anniversary, with which his editorial staff congratulated the publication of the magazine "Aviasoyuz". "Professionalism and non-indifference to the matter!" - under such heading there was an article about an anniversary ...

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“ShowObserver MAKS 2015” MAGAZINE, August 25, 2015

“The company "Aviasystems" has expanded the pool of aviation parts”

The Russian company "Aviasystems", specializing in the creation of spare parts pools, came to an agreement with a major owner of helicopter components. The head of the helicopter project of the company Alexei Kayumov told the Show Observer that it was a well-known enterprise, but he refused to name it, referring to the terms of confidentiality

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“ShowObserver HELIRUSSIA 2015” MAGAZINE, May 21, 2015

“In the first place we have the authenticity of aviation components”

In 2014 Company "Aviasystems", creating a pool of spare parts for domestic aircraft, organized a similar pool for helicopters. About what it took and how this project is progressing, Show Observer was told by the head of the helicopter project of ZAO Aviasystems Alexey Kayumov

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“ShowObserver MAKS 2013” MAGAZINE, August 16, 2013

“Our task is to organize a centralized turnover of spare parts in operation”

The pool scheme of components turnover for more efficient support of spare parts. About how such a scheme works for different types of aircraft, Dmitry Zhoruzhik, General Director of ZAO Aviasystem, tells about problems and prospects of creating spare parts pools ...

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“ShowObserver MAKS 2011” MAGAZINE, August 16, 2011

“Spare parts turnover schemes allow you to save”

The pool scheme of components turnover allows to provide more effective support for spare parts of Tu-204/214 and Il-96 aircraft manufactured in the conditions of a small series. The work of the first spare parts pool in the civil aviation of Russia is described by Dmitri Khoruzhik, General Director of ZAO Aviasystems ...

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“It is not time yet”

Having become interested in the experience of creating the Pula of spare parts for the Tu-204 aircraft, the management of ATC "AEROFLOTA" offered the company "Aviation Systems" to study the possibility of creating on the basis of the ATC a similar Pula for more than hundreds of AIRBUS A320 aircraft operated in Russia. However, the study of the issue has shown that it is not yet possible to solve this problem.

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“The Modern Logistics”

Regional An-148 aircraft, mass production of which is established in Voronezh, collects orders rather well. There are many reasons, but one can also note the unprecedented high for the Russian-made aircraft warranty period - three years. However, it is obviously necessary not only to proclaim, but also to fulfill, the guarantee obligations. For this purpose, the UAC creates a new system for the Russian market of the after-sales support of the An-148 aircraft

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Обозрение выставки МАКС 2009 «ShowObserver», вторник 18 августа 2009г.

“From the first person: “Our belief in cooperation with airlines paid off”

To achieve more effective support for spare parts of Tu-204 and IL-96 aircraft produced in a small series, it is possible with a bullet scheme of components turnover. Dmitry Khoruzhik, General Director of CJSC Aviatsionnye Sistemy, tells about the work of the first pool of spare parts in the Russian civil aviation.

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“Piece-by-piece approach”


It seems that many years of dissatisfaction of the operators with unsatisfactory service has finally received a response from the UAC. In mid-July, General Manager of OOO UAC-Civil Aircraft Managing Company Vladimir Smolko held a meeting ...

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“Shared Spares”

The growing demand in the Russian air transportation market leads to the fact that the airlines modernize and expand their fleet of aircrafts both at the expense of Western aircraft, and at the expense of ...

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“Keepers of a Virtual Warehouse”

Until now, to create a centralized spare parts warehouse for domestic Tu-204/214 and IL-96 aircraft, which are still called promising, did not work either in industry or in ....

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“AVIAGLOBUS” (AVIA GLOBE) Magazine, Is.7 (75), July 2005

“TU-204 Maintenance. A Tip On How To Save $40 millions”

Talk about the fact that the system of after-sales service of the family Tu-204/214 is about to be adjusted, go almost 15 years. Lack of maintenance of control and checking equipment, exchange funds of spare parts, low ....

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