Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities (KhSAMF), 85 years of real history

Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities marked their 85th anniversary on September 17, 2011. As early as 85 years ago the order to found Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities named after the Council of People’s Commissars of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on the basis of the avia-workshops “Ukrvozdukhputi” was issued. That day went down in history as a birthday of one of the leading aviation technology manufacturers in the Ukraine and CIS whose aircrafts fly in more than 30 countries of the world.  

The Kharkov aviators celebrate their 85th anniversary in “big” aviation with a good track record. Today the production aircrafts manufactured by KhSAMF – the regional passenger An-140-100 and transport combi An-74, combine the state-of-the-art accomplishments in the sphere of aircraft manufacturing both in terms of technological characteristics, efficient performance and flying comfort.

That day a Welcome Day was organized for the employees and guests of the factory. They could visit a showground exhibition of aviation technologies - the “live” history of the legendary plant which aircrafts have beaten more than one record in the world aviation. During the entire period of its operation the plant has turned out over thirty different types of aircrafts.

The regional passenger aircraft An-140-100 was open for the visitors to view, which caused a special interest in this aircraft, because many workers of the plant had only seen An-140 at particular stages of its production.

That day a film about the history of creation of the plant was shown for the first time. In this film the authors have emphasized again that there has always been competition between the domestic and western aircraft building concerns. It is only the commitment of people devoted to what they do that may change the cautious attitude to the potential of the domestic aircraft industry. Now it is hard to believe that the plant originated from a few hangars and a team of enthusiasts. Presently Kharkov air plant may be qualified as the principal employer and mainstay of an entire town in terms of headcount and composition of the social infrastructure facilities. We strongly hope that the film that has been presented to the employees of the plant as a gift will be seen and appreciated not only by their “brothers in arms” but also by people who take interest in the plant’s destiny.  

On its behalf the team of “Aviasystems” presented the plant with a bespoke desk lamp painted by Gzhel’s artists. In addition to congratulations, the lamp shade features all the most famous types of aircrafts manufactured by KhSAMF. The team of Aviasystems Company sends its warmest greetings to the workers of the plant on occasion of the anniversary. We wish you a lot of energy, patience and optimism! 

V.M. Dubinina,

Assistant to CEO