Conference for suppliers entitled IL-76: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

On May 24, 2013 Aviastar-SP, an aircraft factory based in Ulyanovsk, held the all-Russian conference for suppliers entitled IL-76: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Over 200 delegates from all over Russia came to attend in the event. The main goal of the conference was to develop common approaches to suppliers aimed at improving the efficacy of their operations and reducing the cost of planes on the basis of IL-76MD-90A.

The conference began with the discussion of such a topic as “Russia’s position on the global transport aviation market: trends and development options.” Aviastar-SP’s General Director Sergey Dementiyev said in his welcome speech: “To cut down the cost of new IL-76MD-90A planes and improve the quality of finished products, Aviastar-SP is ready to outsource some of its operations related to manufacturing assemblies and component parts, and substantially expand the current base of suppliers. It is our joint efforts that are to shape the future of IL-76MD-90A as a promising transportation aircraft.”

The procurement strategy under the IL-76MD-90A project was also discussed at the conference. OAK-TS’s Deputy Procurement Director Alexander Konorev explained in his report: “Today a contract for IL-76MD-90A planes signed with the Russian Defense Ministry is the largest order for transportation planes in the world. Thus, suppliers have to pay their attention to this fact. The scope of the project will ensure the acceptable and desired profitability level.” The total amount of aircrafts to be supplied by 2020 is about one hundred.

During the second part of the conference, its participants discussed after-sales maintenance of PS-90A-76 engines.

Aviasystems Group’s representative Dmitry Khoruzhik delivered a report entitled “Life cycle maintenance of aircraft components. The supplier’s first steps.”

The report disclosed a recent trend in customer behavior being a shift from buying goods and services (aircrafts and after-sales maintenance) to purchasing life cycle indices of aviation equipment such as good order, reliability and profitability.

The Russian Defense Ministry requests from OAK and Aviastar-SP full maintenance of the aircrafts supplied under the state order during their life cycle, and Aviastar-SP, in its turn, is going to demand the same approach from its suppliers.

A switch to life cycle maintenance is to entail a change in the supplier’s approaches to designing, manufacturing and supporting the component during its life cycle.

 Mastering a standard set of services (after-sales maintenance) is to become the first step in this direction.

Aviasystems Group offers cooperation to its suppliers in the field of after-sales maintenance of components during the term of their service including joint investments in spare part pools, which will enable suppliers to offer differentiated services of different cost to assembly works or aircraft operators.

A workshop for the current suppliers of Aviastar-SP was held in the final part of the conference.

Decisions and approaches to the organization of the supply system elaborated during the conference will lay the basis for the production program of Aviastar-SP for the nearest eight years including mass production of IL-76MD-90A aircrafts.