OJSC Rossiya Airways and JSC Aviasystems executed a five-year service agreement.

CJSC Aviasistemy is engaged in the logistics and maintenance support of operating 6 An-148 aircraft owned by a St. Petersburg-based OJSC Rossiya Airways. The five-year agreement was executed on October 14, 2014. The deal enjoyed strong support of Rosaviatsiya (Russian Federal Air Transport Agency) and the Administration of St. Petersburg, after it had been approved by the Board of Directors of OJSC Aeroflot-Russian Airways.
It is the first time that a local operator of new Russian aircraft utilizes a Western approach to spare parts supply – aircraft maintenance is outsourced to a specialized service provider. Aviasistemy invests its own funds in the expansion of its current stock of An-148 spare parts. It also ensures access to the Pool and arranges for contractual work with multiple Russian and international components suppliers.
Until recently, operators of Russian aircraft have been on their own when dealing with their spare parts supplies. When working with logistics and maintenance support providers, operators no longer need to deal with aviation enterprises, which also transfers a significant part of investment burden on the providers. This, in turn, enables carriers to focus on their core activities, mainly on cost reduction associated with maintaining airworthiness of the aircraft they operate.
“Entering into a long-term agreement with Rossiya Airways is not only an honor to us, but also a great responsibility,” said Dmitry Khoruzhik, General Director of JSC Aviasystems. “We are now able to render services which are unprecedented on the Russian aftersales support market. In the near future, we plan to further extend the Pool of our spare parts designed for the An-148 program. Over time, I believe other An-148 operators will join our maintenance system for this aircraft. The key thing is that this system will enable airlines to save money. The long-term agreement that we have signed with one of the leading Russian operators effectively validates this statement.”
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