CJSC "Aviasystems" has traditionally participated in the IX-th international exhibition of the helicopter industry HeliRussia-2016


On May 21, the 9th International exhibition of the helicopter industry HeliRussia-2016 has finished its work, which traditionally draws the results of work in the preceding year and reflects the prospective tendencies of the industry development.

The qualitative and quantitative performance of the industry development were demonstrated on the conference «Helicopter market: reality and prospects», arranged by the Helicopter Industry Association and by the agency «AviaPort» on May 18, 2016 - the day the exhibition opening. On the same day, the round table was held «Counterfeit in supplies: is it possible to exclude the demand of counterfeit products in the helicopter industry?». In the course of the round table, the manager of the helicopter direction of CJSC "Aviasystems" А.V. Kayumov has shared the experience of our company in the fight with counterfeit having presented a report named «How to exclude the appearance of counterfeit in the spare part Pools. Methods to operatively inspect the authenticity of components», which caused a vivid discussion amongst the participants.

On May 20, 2016, in the framework of the exhibition the representatives of CJSC "Aviasystems" have conducted the Fourth meeting of the spare part Pool for helicopters Mi-8МТВ/АМТ, Mi-171/172. However, this time the meeting, which became traditional, was divided into two parts one of which constituted the general meeting of the Pool Participants, in the course of which the work results of the Pool for the preceding year were drawn and the plan of works for the further project implementation was set. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the new development stage of the spare part Pool, namely arrangement of a similar system for the Russian operators of the helicopter vehicles, working abroad. On the meeting, also the issues were considered related to the principal functioning schemes of the Pool abroad as well as the potentially possible places to allocate the spare parts warehouse taking into consideration the flight geography of the meeting participants.The conference «Strategic development of the post-sale service system of the Russian helicopters» has completed the business program of the exhibition, which was arranged by the Helicopter Industry Association and which seemed to gather the most amount of specialists.

Drawing the results, it is worth to say, that three days of the exhibition HeliRussia-2016 were traditionally reach with loud news, and specialists from all over the world became its participants and visitors.