9th Helicopter forum "Quality is the basis for flight safety and economy "

The 9th Helicopter forum was held in Moscow on November 25, 2016. The traditional event dedicated to contribute development of the helicopter industry, the forum annually focuses on the particular actual topic. In this year the forum topic was defined as "Quality is the basis for flight safety and economy". The forum promoter is Helicopter Industry Association (HIA), it was arranged by the company "Russian Exhibition Systems", the general sponsor was the holding "Russian Helicopters".

In the course of the penal meeting on the 9th helicopter forum were provided five reports from representatives of the holding "Russian Helicopters", CJSC "Aviasystems", JSC "Air Company ANGARA", OJSC NPK "PANH" and Certification Association "Russian Register". The detailed review of the provided reports is published on the web-site of HIA in section "Articles", and in section "Events – Helicopter forum" are provided the presentations of the spokesmen. The reports were dedicated to the most actual topics of quality provision in the helicopter industry and encompassed all issues, including development, manufacture, service, operation of the helicopter vehicles, and functioning of air companies.

The forum has covered a wide range of issues of the quality provision. Thus during the forum were discussed the topics of maintenance and repair of the helicopter vehicles which directly affects the flight safety. The report named «Quality provision of aviation components in scope of leasing, supply, and repair arrangement», as noted above, on the event presented Mr. Oleg Boldin, Technical Director of CJSC "Aviasystems".

In his report, Mr. Oleg Boldin has told about the manifold experience of the group of companies «Aviasystems», which in scope of service certification interacts with Rosaviation, State Scientific Institute of the Civil Aviation and Minpromtorg of Russia.  In the result of such interaction, «Aviasystems» have elaborated their own Quality Management System (QMS), the experience of creation and functioning of which, as described in the report, was useful for all players of the helicopter industry involved in the process of operation and maintenance support of aviation vehicles necessary for coordination with other companies, state regulators, institutes and authorities.

In addition, Mr. Oleg Boldin has considered the issues of authenticity control of aviation components during formation of spare part pools as well as problems in the performance of service maintenance for manufacturers’ components – at the present time the aviation legislation does not provide an unambiguous answer regarding legality of such practice, and that topic seems to become one of the most important topics on the 9th Helicopter forum.

The 9th Helicopter forum has gathered 230 delegates from all over Russia. Reports and discussions on the forum have contributed to deeper understanding of functioning and provision of effective work of the quality management system amongst the helicopter industry enterprises. The organization level of the forum deserved the best evaluations of the participants