VIII-th International conference «Middle range and regional aviation of Russia - 2016»


The VIII-th International conference «Middle range and regional aviation of Russia - 2016» was held in Moscow on November 30, 2016 in the business center Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Branch of OJSC «Moscow - Krasnye Holmy».

Traditionally, for participation in the conference were invited the top managers of the ministry of economy and development of the Russian Federation, ministry of finance of the Russian Federation. About 120 delegates-representatives from the leading companies of the aviation industry participated in the conference: aircraft and helicopter manufacture design bureaus, serial plants of the aviation industry, leading air companies and airports which working in the segment of the middle range and short range as well as local air transportation of Russia, enterprises providing the financial support and service maintenance in the industry.

The company «Aviasystems» traditionally participated in the VIII-th International conference «Middle range and regional aviation of Russia - 2016». The Deputy General Director Mrs. Dubinina Victoria Mikhailovna presented a report named «Arrangement of the maintenance system for operation of Mi-8МТВ/АМТ, Mi-171/172: pools and complex agreements of intactness maintenance».

The air companies operating the state-of-the-art aircraft work for a long time with providers which enable access to the operator to the spare part Pools. Connection to the Pool enables the air company to gain access to the complex of services in the mode of «one window» and usually includes: lease, exchange, arrangement of repair and logistics of the spare parts. The result for the operator is obvious: maintenance cost reduction.

There is an alternative to purchase spare parts to be stored on the warehouse – it is lease, and it is widely spread on the «aircraft» post sale market, and what is the situation with the «post sale» for the Russian-made helicopters? Why are the pool schemes not implemented until now which have proven to be effective? What is the situation with the agreements of complex operation support (PBH)? Will the lease of spare parts be an alternative to the purchase thereof and is it reasonable?

The spokesman tried to answer these and other questions in her presentation. The report told how the foreign experience, in part of creation of the post-sale service systems, could be transformed for smaller regional transport companies, in particular, for the helicopter air companies. How can participation in spare part pools optimize their activity and what are the complex agreement of intactness support.

An important place took the speeches of representatives of the Russian aviation industry: PJSC «ОАК»; OJSC «Russian Helicopters»; PJSC «Company «Sukhoi»; PJSC «Tupolev»; PJSC «Corporation «Irkut», regarding enhancement of fleet of the aircraft and helicopters working in the segment of the middle range, short range, and local air transportations. Traditionally were provided the proposals of leasing companies as well as the issues of conditions and tariffs to insure the air transport and passengers of the regional air companies were discussed.