A press-conference regarding the plans to manufacture an upgraded version of Tu-204 – Tu204CM was held at the premises of OJSC “Tupolev

On August 5, a press-conference regarding the plans to manufacture an upgraded version of Tu-204 – Tu204CM was held at the premises of OJSC “Tupolev”.

Info:Ту-204СМ is a deeply upgraded version of Tu-204 aircraft, a dual crew airliner with sustainer engines PS-90А2 and auxiliary power unit (APU) TA-18-200.
As compared to the design of the baseline aircrafts of Tu-204/214 family, the Tu-204CM incorporates the following essential alterations:
- by-pass turbofan engines
PS-90А2 are installed featuring a lower lifecycle cost and increased overhaul period and specified life of main components and assemblies (up to 20000 cycles for the cold systems, and 10000 cycles for the hot systems);

- a new APU TA-18-200 is installed featuring an increased altitude engine start and run; new equipment shall be included supporting the modern and long-range requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol;

- an upgraded landing gear shall be included, which design will be in accord with the airframe’s life;

- the interior of the passenger compartment shall be improved;

- a system to control common aircraft units (SUOSO) and a system for aircraft maintenance and diagnostics are being developed and installed;

- a flight compartment is being developed and installed to ensure aircraft control by two pilots;

- the power supply, control, fuel and hydraulic systems are being updated, new digital air conditioning system (ACS) and high-lift electric drives shall be installed.

The conference was opened by A.P. Bobryshev, President of OJSC “Tupolev”. In his opening address, Mr. Bobryshev highlighted the OJSC Tupolev’s intention to take account of the previous experience in operation of the Company’s products, which, as he said, would be possible only on the basis of close cooperation of the Design Office, relevant operators, and the aviation community.

The designers (OJSC “Tupolev”) declared the basics of the Tu-204CM design concept.  Within the concept, OJSC “Tupolev” plans further development of Tu-204/214 aircraft family through creation of a competitive analogue to the existing foreign-made machines while waiting for the next generation semi-long-haul homemade aircraft to appear. Its design will include Russian and international requirements to flight safety not excepting newly introduced requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol. Airworthiness shall be supported by a modern after-sale service program covering the whole family of Tu aircrafts. Tu-204CM will undergo certification in 2011, where during the same year it is planned to extend the anticipated operating conditions (AOC).  

The participants in the conference were also addressed by other representatives of OJSC “Tupolev”. Extending the subject introduced by the President of OJSC “Tupolev”, they described the steps made by the Company to improve the current situation. One of the steps is the revision of all bulletins issued by OJSC “Tupolev” as to their expedience and the review of the Company’s policy of taking the steps only at operator’s cost. The reports also covered short-range plans to change the situation with the deficiency of spare parts in the Tu-204/214 market through purchasing the required stock of Purchased Components and its trusted operation by the designated Operator (JSC “Aviasystems”).

Reports were made by the Tu-204CM and the new PS-90A2 engine designers as well as by representatives of Aviastra-Tu and organizations comprising the structure of the after-sale service program, such as CJSC CTO&R AT “Aviaservice”, JSC “Aviasystems”, NPO “Nauka”, "Rodina", etc.

We have high hopes that the dialog between the designer and the aviation community will be effective and that airline companies will receive both the excellent aircraft and comfortable environment for its operation.  


CEO's Assistant

V. Dubinina