The International Air Transport Forum 2011 (MATF – 2011)

For the first time in Ulyanovsk, on April 22 and 23, the Ulyanovsk Vostochny (Eastern) Airport site hosted the International Air Transport Forum 2011 (MATF – 2011). 

            The events of the International Air Transport Forum were participated by more than 500 delegates representing the professional aviation community of Russia as well as by twelve foreign delegations. In the terms of this Forum, the delegates arranged the congress, plenary session, and round tables.

            It should be noted that the recent International Air Transport Forum is a very important event for Ulyanovsk Region. Being organized for the purposes of regional development and arrangement of the events in the terms of the regional scheduled programme - Ulyanovsk as Aviation Metropolis, this Forum was the first application of the Governor and his team for attraction of attention of the major air carriers and aircraft manufacturers to Ulyanovsk, Aviastar, and Port Special Economic Zone to be built here. Referring to the words of Governor Sergey Morozov of Ulyanovsk Region, “this International Air Transport Forum in Ulyanovsk should become one of the most important sites for establishment of collaboration in the aviation sphere between Russian and foreign partners”.

            On the first day, April 22, the Forum delegates arranged the congress, plenary session, and round tables dedicated to the development issues of the civil aviation industry.

            The major guest of this Forum was Michael Pogosyan as the Chief Executive Officer of the United Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. Opening this Forum, he emphasized that the given event was an important venue for discussion of the development prospects of Aviastar and United Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation in general. “We are considering Aviastar as one of the key companies, on which basis we are planning to develop the segment of cargo aircraft as one of the most important segments in the product line of the United Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation”, he said. “By the present time, we have provided great resources for preparation of production and batch manufacture of upgraded and competitive Il-76 aircraft. One of the most important programmes in the field of transport aviation is the joint programme with India for manufacture of multifunctional cargo aircraft. Together with our colleagues from Ukraine and Volga-Dnepr Company, we are considering not only the project for organization and development of upgraded complexes based on An-124 aircraft but also the project for restoration of the manufacture and creation of a heavy cargo aircraft, which will also comply with the future market requirements”.
            As to Tu-204 aircraft, which was again rejected by Red Wings, Mr. Pogosyan does not worry for its future: “We are dealing with Red Wings and other customers for promotion of this aircraft and, as I hope, a solution will be found.”

            In the terms of this International Air Transport Forum, the collaboration agreement was executed by and between the Ulyanovsk Regional Ministry of Industry and Transport and Moscow Aerospace Salon (Open Joint-Stock Company).

            An agreement was achieved that these two major forums (Moscow Aerospace Salon and International Air Transport Forum) will be held alternatively. The following (second) Forum will be arranged in Ulyanovsk in 2012, then the Moscow Aerospace Salon will be arranged in 2013, and afterwards these two major business events will alternate with each other.

            The Ulyanovsk Regional Government and Gazpromneft, Open Joint-Stock Company, also executed their collaboration agreement. This document prescribed the joint work on stimulation of investments, commercial, technical, and innovative activities in the territory of Ulyanovsk Region, as well as realization of the joint projects having the economic, social, and public importance, and development and implementation of resource-saving technologies.

            Furthermore, an agreement was executed by and between Gazpromneft-Aero, Closed Joint-Stock Company, and Ulyanovsk Higher Air College of Civil Aviation. The given agreement is targeted to development of the two major projects. The first of them prescribes establishment of an aircraft fuelling centre for the two airports in Ulyanovsk. The second project prescribes establishment of a training centre on the basis of the Ulyanovsk Higher Air College of Civil Aviation, which will provide the training and retraining courses for the specialists from our fuelling centres and airports all over Russia.

            A memorandum of collaboration was executed by and between Aviastar Joint Venture (Closed Joint-Stock Company) and Transaero Airlines. According to the given memorandum, the sole company operating Boeing-777 and Boeing-747 aircraft in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States will use the bases of Aviastar for repair of its own aircraft.

            Having the member status, Aviasystems Company also visited this event. They arranged a series of business meetings and negotiations, in particular, with the aircraft works of Aviastar Joint Venture in the terms of the programme for restoration of the spare parts resources and with the representatives of Tupolev, Open Joint-Stock Company, in the course of certification tests of Tu-204СМ aircraft.

            With respect to expiration of the factory warranty of Il-96-400T aircraft, Polet Airlines became the following customer of the material and logistic services in relation to aircraft operation, which are provided by Aviasystems Company. The administration of Polet Airlines arranged the most detailed excursion in the territory of the aircraft maintenance depot, which level of equipment deserves the highest grade. We would like to believe that upon delivery of Tu-204С cargo aircraft Polet Airlines will become the major partner of Aviasystems Company in relation to the material and logistic services for aircraft operation.

            On the second day, April 23, the air show was arranged in the same territory of Ulyanovsk Vostochny (Eastern) Airport with turn participation of aircraft model designers, paraglide pilots, skydivers, demonstrative flights of small aircraft, First Flight group of pilots, flight of Po-2 aircraft, demonstrative flight of L-29 aircraft team, as well as demonstrative flights of Tu-204, Il-76, and An-224 Ruslan aircraft.     

            In total, this air show was visited by some 50 thousand guests.

            We would like to wish this International Air Transport Forum, which started this year, to retain the given level and to become the advanced site, where we can see not only a picturesque show and get information about the current trends and innovative news but also get an opportunity of development for everybody who is working in the industry of air transport.




(Material drafted on the basis of the information taken from the web site of International Air Transport Forum 2011:


CEO's Assistant

V. Dubinina