Advices for ordering


If you have not ordered spare parts from the Pool, we remind that the following operations (services) or their combinations are available for every component available in the Pool: 

1) Lease for the time of repair (defected component is transferred to Operator)

2) Lease for the agreed term (lease for cash security)

3) Repair of components (lease of components is not required).  

4) Exchange of components (serviceable into defective one) 

5) Supply (sale) of 1-st and 2-d category components


Depending on operation (service) selected by you, the ORDERING process will have specific features: 


1. At request of component “for lease for the time of repair” in ORDER CONFIRMATION, the Operator will state the daily lease rate and term of lease of operable component from the Pool, calculated on the basis of a period of repair of the detected item. The estimated cost of repair will also be stated.

Attention! Upon request of component “for lease for the time of repair” it is necessary to enter data on  your components requiring repair (code of component, year of issue, date of last repair, type of required works) into the Additional information*  window. These data is required by the Operator for the correct calculation of the component lease and repair cost. Before data entering, we recommend you to ensure that the component requiring repair is available in the Operator’s “List of components for repair”.

*- The “Additional information” Window located at the page TO WRITE UP AN ORDER is filled in together with your contact data during the last stage of ordering.


2. Upon request of the component “for lease for the agreed period” in the ORDER CONFIRMATION, the Operator states daily lease rate, agreement (disagreement) of the Operator with the lease term proposed by you and  offered size of cash contribution (deposit).

Attention! Upon request of the component “for lease for the agreed period”, you should enter the proposed lease period for which you plan to take serviceable component in the “Additional information” window.


3. Upon request of the repair of components, the Operator states a term and oriented cost of repair / overhaul / maintenance/ service bulletin implementation in the ORDER CONFIRMATION.

Attention: if you need the “Repair of component” service (without provision of similar component for lease), we recommend you to ensure that the defective component is available in the list of components for repair; then you should  click the link  TO WRITE UP AN ORDER and indicate the code and parameters of components requiring repair in the “Additional information” window.


4. If it is necessary to replace the defective component with the serviceable one from the Pool (INTERCHANGE), the Operator will state estimated cost and conditions of exchange in the ORDER CONFIRMATION, of course, if you have provided the complete component data. 

Upon request of the component “exchange”, you should enter data on your components proposed for the exchange (code of component, year of issue, type and data of carried out repairs) in the “Additional information” window. These data are required for correct calculation of cost of exchange. If the information entered by you is not enough, a representative of the Operator will contact you in order to receive it.

5. If it is necessary to deliver (sale) the 1-st or 2-nd category component from the Pool of spare parts, the estimated cost, payment terms and basis of delivery will be stated in the ORDER CONFIRMATION. 
Remember that during ORDER processing the Operator aims to provide the correct information, enough for making better decision by you (your leadership). Depending on completeness of the information (codes and correct data of components requiring repair or exchange, contact data) provided by you, the CONFIRMATION sent to your address will be exact and it will save your time.

Thus, our advices came to the end... if you are ready to order the spare part, click the link “Search Spares”.