Receiving an Air Operator Certificate or Certificate of Compliance under the EASA regulations is a very important but just the first step towards a long and successful activity of a company.

Keeping up the compliance with the certification requirements is much more important and difficult.

The experience demonstrates that not everyone can meet this objective. Most often the failure is due to lack of proper attention to the issues of supporting the quality system at a required level while trying to meet the production goals.

We are ready to offer you services in regular external audits of your company related to all aspects of your activities.

Findings of the audits will provide for you a fresh opinion from experts and you will be able to see whether your company is still compliant with the certification requirements. In case of unconformities, we will help you elaborate a plan and methods to timely correct the revealed unconformities.

Undergoing such audits will enable you to ensure readiness of your company for further inspections by the aviation authorities and to avoid possible financial or image-related losses, which may arise from suspension or withdrawal of your certificate.

To aircraft owners and leasing companies we offer services of auditing compliance with the regulations and procedures related to operation of the aircrafts owned by them.

It is not a secret that owners often lack an idea of what they are paying for to the airline company which Air Operator Certificate covers the aircraft. The airline company, on the contrary, tries to put all its expenses and costs onto the owner. Leasing companies always need information about the condition of the aircrafts as to their liquidity in the market.

Our audit will enable the aircraft owner to get a realistic understanding of the flights safety status, of supporting aircrafts' airworthiness, qualification of flight and ground personnel as well as of adequacy of funds spent for it.

Based on the results of our audit the aircraft owner will be able to make a decision on whether to continue cooperation with the airline or to change it according to our recommendations and proposals regarding registration of foreign-made aircrafts abroad.