Obtain component from the Pool


Dear operator, we are very glad to welcome you in your Spare Parts Pool member area. We hope that you have already studied a list of our services, which is presented on our web-site. We would like to remind you that you need to sign a special leasing, repair and supply agreement with the Operator in order to gain access to the spare parts and components Pool. You can receive the standard forms of contracts from the Operator by request. As you sign an appropriate agreement you can obtain components in accordance with the order given below.

SPARE  PARTS  OBTAINING  FROM  THE  POOL  (having  a  signed  leasing  agreement  with  the  Operator): 

1. Fill in the request form for spare parts obtaining

2. Send a filled in request form to the Operator

3. Receive a Recall from the Operator (Operator Offer)

4. Approve a Recall in accordance with the terms of the products lease

5. Send back the approved Recall to the Operator.

6. After receiving an approved Recall the Operator provides spare parts and components in according to the previously agreed conditions.

ATTENTION! The Recall approvement means an acceptance of the Pool spare parts and components provision, including financial consequences and fines in accordance with the conditions of the agreement , which was signed by the Operator and Member!

In order to apply a Request and Recall in the electronic form the Operator and Member have to send to each other their E-mail addresses. The information via E-mail is fully official and in accordance with accepted rules.