EASA PART -145, -147, -M, -21, CS-25, -23, -27, -29 etc.


Issue of the compliance certificate pursuant to the rules of EASA is at the present time one of the most demanded tasks for the Russian companies dealing with operation of the foreign-made aircraft and manufacturers of the aviation vehicles. At the same time, that task is quite sophisticated due to absence of the companies' experience of interaction with the aviation authorities of EASA and the fact that the whole base documentation is provided only in English. Our experts will help to solve the issues regarding obtaining of certificate to fulfill the maintenance (PART-145), engineering and technological provision (PART-M), staff training (PART-147) in the shortest possible time and prepare your staff for further work in scope of the issued compliance certificate. Our experts also fulfill the works to prepare the enterprises for certification according to the rules of EASA PART-21, assessment of possibility to obtain the certificates of type in accordance with requirements of EASA Certification Specifications (CS-23, CS-25, CS-27, CS-29 etc.).

Preparation for issue of certificates EASA PART-21, PART-M, PART-145 consist of several stages, which may be implemented subsequently, or in parallel depending on possibilities and rate of preparedness of your company.

On each stage, our consultants may render the following services:  

Stage of preliminary audit:

- Conduction of preliminary audit.

- Elaboration of the plan of measures to prepare the customer for certification.

  Stage of filing of application for the initial approval:

 - Consultation and rendering of assistance in selection of normative base regarding certification requirements pursuant to the aviation rules of EASA.

- Consultation and methodical assistance in preparation and execution of the contents part of application documentation of EASA Form 2, EASA Form 4

Stage of preparation regarding compliance with the certification requirements of EASA of the production and technical base: 

- Consultation regarding the normative requirements applicable to the production facilities and sections in accordance with requirements of EASA.

- Evaluation of sufficiency level of compliance of the production and archive facilities, sections, and areas in relation to the applied branch of activity.

Stage of staff preparation in accordance with requirements of EASA:

- Consultation regarding requirements for structure, preparation, and rate of responsibility of staff and ways to demonstrate the qualification support.

- Consultation and assistance in the ways of demonstration of sufficiency of human resources for the applied branch of activity.

- Consultation regarding requirements and ways to reach compliance to the certification personnel, categories of personnel, proof documentation of the available experience, regarding contents, storage, and provision of personal data, regarding possibility of substitution and delegation of authorities.

Stage of preparation regarding compliance with requirements of EASA regarding availability and compliance of tools and equipment:

- Consultation regarding receipt, registration, storage, and labeling of tools and equipment.

Stage of preparation for demonstration of compliance with requirements of EASA applicable for components and materials:

- Consultation regarding the methods of choice of suppliers and demonstration of their compliance.

- Consultation regarding the requirements applicable to storage of materials and components, to accompanying documentation in case of supply, ways and methods of keeping and execution of internal documentation, to rules of registration of issue and receipt of materials and components.

Stage of preparation for demonstration of availability of the operation and technical documentation and keeping of maintenance records:

- Consultation regarding arrangement of work with ETD, support of ETD by registration of temporary and constant revisions, arrangement of access of the engineering and technical personnel to ETD, keeping of the maintenance records, arrangement of storage of those records. 

 Stage of preparation of the manufacturing and planning division for work in accordance with requirements of EASA:

- Consultation regarding fulfillment of requirements in part of interaction of the divisions.

- Consultation regarding the ways of demonstration of planning of the human resources, availability of production facilities, tools, equipment and materials during the maintenance, registration of fulfillment of the critical tasks during maintenance.

Stage of establishment of the guiding documentation:

 - Consultation and methodical support in composition of the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), Continuous Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME), Maintenance Training Organization Exposition (MTOE).

- Consultation in elaboration of internal procedures providing fulfillment of requirements of EASA.

- Consultation and methodical assistance in elaboration of internal form of registration and reporting documentation as well as forms of working documentation during maintenance.

- Consultations regarding elaboration of training programs.

 Stage of conduction of the surveillance audit of EASA:

- Consultation and assistance in interaction with the competent aviation authorities of EASA;

- Participation in commission of EASA and representation of the customer's interests before auditors of EASA.