ЗАО «Авиационные системы»

spare parts and logistic support Consolidated Operator of the TU-204/214, IL-96-300/400, AN-148, Be-200ES-E airplanes, maintenance and repair operator for aircraft medical modules (AMM), as well as consultant in the field of the foreign aircraft operation.








New service concept

The unique package of services in providing support for aircraft avionics components including prompt repairs, supply, and leasing of aircraft spares and parts and components in the mode of "one window". All operations with spare parts manufactured by Consolidated Operator.  All operations with spare parts manufactured through the Consolidated Operator.


Pool spares

It consolidates spare parts pools of the largest Russian airlines and industrial facilities into a system of shared parts usage. Pool exceeds more than 3100 components included in the onboard equipment of aircraft TU-204/214, IL-96-300/400, AN-148, Be-200ES-E. JSC "Aviasystems" is the operator of spare parts pools and the largest owner of spare parts of these aircraft. Time access to spare parts is from 24 to 72 hours.