Operation of foreign-made aircrafts


The objective of starting to operate foreign-made aircrafts is rather a complex and time taking process. The majority of airline companies make serious mistakes and miscalculations along this path, which lead to disruption of their plans.

Our company provides timely and highly professional consulting in this sphere.

Our experts will develop for you a plan of entering a new type of foreign aircraft into the Air Operator Certificate and will provide advice on each action item of the plan and provide a package of relevant supporting documents (Operations manual [RPP], Aircraft Maintenance Manual [РОТО] and САМЕ); and

  • provide expert advice on the measures to be taken for the provision of continuing aircraft airworthiness, on the selection of your aircraft country of registration, and render assistance in registration of foreign-made aircrafts in foreign countries;

  • provide expert advice on maintenance supplier selection criteria and carry out independent assessment of the selected maintenance company;

  • provide expert advice on the conclusion/amendment of cross-service agreements for delimitation of responsibilities with regard to the provision of continuing aircraft airworthiness, subject to the requirements of Article 83 bis of Chicago Convention:

  • provide expert advice on organizing flights taking into account the specifics of foreign-made aircrafts operation.