Enter components in the Pool


Dear Member, we are very glad to welcome you in your spare parts pool members area. We hope that the declared spare parts will find a quick sale among the operators of the domestic aeronautic equipment and this allows you to receive regular rental charges from the Operator. In order to enter your components in the Pool you need to study the information and recommendations below. Common information for the Pool Members:

  1. The Spare Parts Pool includes the reparable categorized components and spare parts from the airplane avionics. The Pool doesn't include engine units, airborne auxiliary powers, landing gears and their components, airframe elements. No unreparable and not categorized spare parts (wind-sticks, hoses, sleeves, etc.) are included in the Pool either.
  2. The Spare Parts Pool includes spare parts and components for the Tu-204/214, Il-96-300/400, AN-148, AN-140, Be-200ES-E airplanes avionics;
  3. All payments between the Operator and Member of Spare Parts Pool are based on the manufacturing plants current retail price for component parts of the 1st category;
  4. All spare parts and components in the Pool must be serviceable, correct, ready-for-service, have a residual life. Exploitation and storage of all spare parts must be fulfilled in accordance with the operating instructions;
  5. Following legal bodies can be Members of the Spare Parts Pool: operators of the airborne vehicles, vehicles MRO organizations, which are certified in accordance with the FAP-285 demands (maintenance centers), plants of the aeronautical industry, spare parts supplies (aviation spare parts supplies with the appropriate acting certificate).

Member has to do following actions in order to enter a spare part in the Pool:

  •  satisfy the requirements of the Operator towards the Pool Members;

  •  discuss a possibility to sell (exchange) the declared components and preliminary condition of such operations;

  •  sign a spare parts leasing agreement with the Operator and define lease rates as well as the operative dispatch order to the Operator; 

  •  report information about products and components included in the Pool to the Operator,  for preliminary verification of their authenticity (name and code of the product, serial number and year of release, endurance figures, repair data) and/or send a scanned certificate copy.

You can receive any consulting concerning the procedures for the contracts conclusions as well as the standard forms of contracts from the Operator by request


ATTENTION: The Member of Pool stating the product for the purpose of sale or for rent should remember that a "sudden" absence of the declared component in the Pool (false information),  violation of terms of shipment to the Operator 4-24 hours, as well as a deliberate failure or inauthenticity of leased products identified in operation or during incoming inspection, lead to the exclusion of products from the Spare Parts Pool and termination of the contract with the Member of Pool.