Creating airlines


Establishing an airline company is the most complex and structured task that covers a package of measures, which on the one hand pursue creation of the company in accordance with strict aviation authorities’ requirements to airline companies, and creation of an optimized and effective company that could make profit for the owners, on the other hand.

A basis for the above is a well considered and optimally prepared business-plan that must meet requirements of the aviation authorities as well as creditors and owners of the company.

Implementation of the business plan shall be possible with a clear comprehensive plan of the airline creation in place.

We address these tasks and prepare the company stage by stage for obtaining an air operator’s certificate within agreed deadlines. At that, starting from the first day, we define particular actions covering creation of and making provisions for the functioning of specialized divisions of the airline, such as: a flights department, a technical department, a production and control service, a transportation department, an aviation safety department, a commercial department, etc.

If necessary, we shall interact with aviation authorities of the country of aircraft registration as well as:

  • Implement mandatory elements of the quality system;
  • Arrange a system for training of flight and technical personnel;
  • Define a required system for aircrafts maintenance and flight support;
  • Provide consultations on making aircraft lease and flights support contracts.

If required, our experts can participate in acceptance of foreign-made aircrafts and provide assistance in registration of foreign-made aircrafts abroad.

A relatively new requirement from the Russian aviation authorities is availability of a flight safety management system in an airline company. We have developed a number of unique methods enabling a prospective airline to meet this requirement

During the preparation of a company for obtaining of an air operator’s certificate we shall develop a package of supporting documents required to file an application, to include an Operations manual [RPP], an Aircraft Maintenance Manual [РОТО] (or its analogies САМЕ, MCM), Safety Management System Manual, etc. The said documents shall be developed taking into account specifics of each company.

From our experience, a new airline takes from 6 to 8 months to create.

Obtaining of an air operator’s certificate is guaranteed as a result of your cooperation with us.