Operating policy


To offer convenient interaction and organize the consulting activities we have developed flexible schemes of cooperation for you, which will enable efficient use of your financial and production resources.

These schemes make it possible to reach your objectives when your personnel is unavailable due to being busy with current production processes or when you don’t employ them, without a need for expensive outsourcing of qualified personnel.

Our experts are fluent in English, have experience of working for leading Russian companies operating foreign-made aircrafts, carrying out all kinds of certification, creation and maintaining systems of quality and flight safety in compliance with the requirement of the Russian (RCAA), American (FAA), and European (EASA) Aviation Authorities. All the experts have attended training courses at leading western training centres, have valid auditors’ certificates as well as personal contacts with inspectors from EASA member countries.

Our experts are ready for continuous cooperation in any way as may be convenient (telephone, fax, Internet, meetings). We are ready to provide any required procedural assistance based on approved and valid documentation.

The consulting services are accompanied by a phased assessment of activities.