Exchange of components


EXCHANGE transaction produced by traditional way and consist of the exchange serviceable component to faulty with compensation cost of repairs (major repairs , MOT) based on indicators of resource components and their technical condition.

The special conditions of serviceable exchange faulty component (requiring major repairs or maintenance) is the necessity of verifying by the Operator the authenticity component offered for exchange.

Methods of determining the cost components for the exchange is the same for all members of the Spares Pool and agreed between the Operator and Participants in advance.

EXCHANGE issued counter sales contracts at an agreed price of exchange, plus bonuses Operator.

To place an order for components repair go into the interactive site area to link Make order and enter the data for the require repair components to the "Additional Information". If you have questions on registration, use the link Advices for ordering.

Visit the page with the full list of provided services to gain a detailed information. 

Time to access a unit for lease would normally not exceed 48 hours that is also standard for a western logistics provider