Component lease


To ensure uninterrupted operation of the aircraft all airline operators form a rotation pool of components (a maintenance and repair kit) to replace parts for the period of repairs.

Taking into account the failed parts repair time and the statistics of failures, the cost of a minimum rotation pool for aircraft exceeds $0,5-3,0 mln. per each aircraft. It is much cheaper to lease spare parts as necessary, for a period of failed components repairs. Components for lease are centralized in a Spares Pool, access to which would enable an airline company to:

  • order a required component from the Spares Pool when the component is not available in the airline's  home base stock (maintenance and repair kit) to prevent the aircraft’s downtime;
  • be confident that the Operator will deliver the component to a specified base airport within 4 to 72 hours;
  • become a Pool participants and  lease out temporarily unused items and components to other Pool participants and make profit from aviation technical equipment leasing.

The most barefaced and expensive approach is in purchasing of its own warehouse of aircraft components and units by an airline-operator

 All operations of ordering components from the Spares pool are done over the Internet.An information portal accessed from its home page enables the users to view the current Pool’s content, the time of availability of a component as well as to receive reports on the leased components rotation.


To place an order for components repair go into the interactive site area to link Make order and enter the data for the require repair components to the "Additional Information". If you have questions on registration, use the link Advices for ordering.