Registration of aircrafts in foreign countries


Choosing a country for registration of an aircraft is one of the main objectives at the stage when establishing an airline company. Further success of an airline company in the airfreight market is largely dependent on making a correct decision.

The place of aircraft registration will determine the procedures for maintaining airworthiness, the standards for maintenance, retrofitting and modifications, etc. to be observed during operation, and, as a result, define future amounts of investment and liquidity of aircrafts in the market.

We are ready to offer you various comprehensive schemes for implementation of the objective subject to your interests, such as: dealing in commercial or private, freight or passenger, domestic or international transportation, etc.

Our schemes take into account various solutions in execution and registration of aircraft ownership, measures to be taken to bring it to the territory of the Russian Federation, implementation of customs and leasing payments, etc.

Our experts will help you in selecting the best solution, render you assistance in dealings with aviation authorities, and will provide expert advice on requirements to aircrafts and compliance with legal terms in force in a relevant country.