Obtaining a license from Roszdravnadzor


Change is all around us, and AO “Aviasystems” is constantly developing and looking for new niches for applying its activities therewith.

In October 2020, Aviasystems was approved by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare as a medical equipment maintenance and repair company.

It all started with the launch of the Air Ambulance Development state project in 2016 aimed at increasing the availability of emergency medical care for the population. Effective air ambulance is a sign of a modern socially responsible state. Air ambulance helicopters are on duty around the clock in Russia regions saving lives every day. Therefore, air ambulance development today is one of the priority projects in Russia and it is unprecedentedly supported by the government. The air ambulance development program is planned to operate until 2025 with about 30 new MI-8 and Ansat helicopters at its initial stage that will be supplied annually for the needs of the country's medical institutions under the financial leasing scheme.

Regular maintenance in companies that have the appropriate Roszdravnadzor licenses and qualified personnel authorized by medical equipment manufacturers are envisaged for aircraft and medical equipment included in aircraft medical modules. However, it turns out not to be easy to provide the maintenance and repair of medical products. Serious efforts and complex logistics are required from the operator to move the equipment to certified service centers located in major cities.

In addition, local hospitals and clinics do not have engineers authorized by manufacturing companies to operate such specific portable equipment.

That is why, in 2018, Aviasystems made a decision to create a subdivision for integrated maintenance and repair (MR) aircraft medical modules (AMM) equipped with modern medical equipment and received a medical equipment maintenance and repair license from the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare in 2020.

At the moment, our company is authorized for integrated maintenance and repair aircraft medical modules and medical equipment that are part thereof. We sincerely hope that our invaluable experience in aircraft equipment maintenance will be useful and applicable in medical equipment maintenance, too.


The License can be found on our website in Certificates and Licenses.