XIVth HeliRussia 2021 International Helicopter Industry Exhibition

The XIVth HeliRussia 2021 International Helicopter Industry Exhibition was held at the Crocus Expo Moscow Exhibition Center on 20th-22th of May, where it demonstrated a high level and confirmed its status as the largest and distinguished European helicopter event again. 163 companies from 13 countries of the world took part in the exhibition: Great Britain, Germany, Libya, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Russia, USA, Turkey, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and South Korea.

The total area of the exhibition was 12,000 sq. m in 2021. The indoor exhibition area of HeliRussia 2021 was about 10,000 sq. m. The area of the street exposition, where Mi-8, AW139 and Ansat were located, was about 2,000 sq. m. The visitors got an overview of the helicopters of renowned international manufacturers such as Airbus Helicopters, Bell Textron, Leonardo Helicopters, Robinson helicopter company and, of course, Russian Helicopters holding, the largest domestic manufacturer and the title partner of the exhibition.

Within the framework of the XIVth HeliRussia 2021 International Helicopter Industry Exhibition, Dmitry Khoruzhik, the CEO of JSC “Aviasystems”, met with Georgy Mushtakov, the CEO of OOO “Kazansky aggregatny zavod”. The parties discussed some issues on the maintenance of aircraft and medical equipment, which is part of aircraft medical modules (AMM). From now on, an aircraft medical module-equipped aerial vehicle operator can receive all the necessary single window mode services from JSC “Aviasystems”, a supplier with certified personnel and "aircraft and medical" licenses.

There were a lot events at HeliRussia 2021: conferences, round tables, sessions - every minute was scheduled. Today HeliRussia is not just an exhibition, but quite a brand of the aircraft sector - it is here that the future of the helicopter and related industries in Russia and abroad is discussed and decided on. The exhibition is a modern and convenient platform for fruitful communication between aircraft enthusiasts and specialists, developing plans for joint actions, as well as discussing details and concluding agreements.

 Based on materials from the HeliRussia website